Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Parking Garage Job

So I grew up in Charlottesville.  I graduated high school in 1988 and by 1989 I was living at home kind of trying to find a job.  So I ended up working for the Piedmont Virginia Parking Company.

I manned the parking booth at the 14th, Chancellor and Elliewood lots.  Sat, took tickets.

So yeah picture it.  A time capsule memory.  Me in 1990, 20 years old, sitting in the booth at the 14th street garage.  taking tickets, putting them in the machine, making change.

I had a small black and white tv/cassette/radio combo that I carried.  I watched a lot of tv.  I carried a cooler.  I made some money, I was in some bands playing guitar in my 20's so it was a cool slack job while I lived in my parents' basement.

So I remember watching ALF.  I watched it every week, I had the same schedule.  And then it was coming to an end.  I watched part one of the finale, then they pre-empted part two for something and they never showed it.  I am one of the fans that got left hanging.

I was never a very good employee and I wandered off after a few months.

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