Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rideshare Pickups

I have to say that I am very sad to see that college student that got in the wrong car.  That has got a lot of people on edge.

I have been driving rideshare for 4 years.  Uber and Lyft.  I have done only 5000 or so pickups, maybe a little more.

What this girl should have done is:

A - look at the car and the license plate number.  You can track the car on the app.
B - Look at the driver.  You have a picture of the driver on your app.
C - Ask the driver their name.  You have the driver's name listed on your app, so you ask the driver to tell you what the name is and then confirm by looking at your app.

I am sad that the news people are telling you all to say "who are you here to pick up?" because I simply won't answer that question.  In the driver guidelines for both Uber and Lyft it spells out to have the passenger say their name to verify that you have the right person.  If the person does not tell me their name, then they are not the right person and I cancel.

I am sad that Uber and Lyft are not being clear about this at this time.  They are letting it be vague.  Because most people are drunk and can't do it right, they can't remember because there has been no campaign, no catch-phrase.  I will simply not be comfortable that I am not about to be killed unless the passenger can tell me the name on the app.  Bad people try to kill drivers too, not just passengers.  I am on the ball, I am the master of my destiny, I am the one in charge, for my own safety.  I have to have the name please.


Please see this link from Uber:

Please note that the driver will ask for your name.  That is the way that we are told to do it.  That is the safe way.


Please see this link from Lyft:

Pro-tip: Always ask the rider’s name to verify it’s their ride when they get in your vehicle


I will not pull up to the darkness and allow someone to lie their way into my car.  If they ask who I am there to pick up, then I am supposed to trust them?

If you walk up to my car and insist that we do it wrong then I am not going to move forward.  If you walk up to my car and do it right then I will also be prepared to do it right, because this is my job and I am a professional and I took the training and learned and paid attention.  If we both did that, then we can have just a swell time.  If you walk up to my car and blurt out my name, then you just did it wrong.

UNDERSTAND THAT.  If you are a passenger, then please take the time to understand how the two-way password system works.  I am not simply being particular to be particular.  IT ACTUALLY KEEPS ME ALIVE AND IT WILL YOU AS WELL.

There are Uber/Lyft drivers with their picture and name on the side of their door.  That is because you TELL your name to the other party.  If your ability to tell me my own name was the security measure, then I would not have it printed on my door.  LITERALLY anyone could lie their way into my car and kill me.

I am sorry to repeat it but saying it in different ways may help get it across.

I work in a college town.  I take people multiple times.  Telling me my own name as the requirement would mean that once I drove someone and they learned my name, they could lie their way into my car whenever they saw me.  This is a college town.  The students would do it just to be dicks to each other.

So please.  "Is this the Uber for Travis?"  "And what is your name please?"  I had this one lady say "YOUR NAME IS STEPHEN AND YOU ARE GOING TO TELL ME THE NAME THAT IT SAYS ON YOUR APP OR ELSE I AM NOT GOING TO GET INTO YOUR CAR."  guess what?  She didn't get into my car.  She would have probably shot me in the back of the head if I sneezed anyway, you have to avoid the people that look like they are freaked out just to be outside.

Ok.  RTFM please.  SAY your name.  ASK their name.  PLEASE!!!

Scenario 1

Driver: Bob
Passenger: David


-Bob approaches in his car.  David flags him down at the designated stop.  The door opens.  David asks, are you here to pick up David?  Bob says yes, and MY name is Bob.  David says yes, I already checked your license plate.


-Bob says "Your name is David" and does not ask and verify
-Bob asks "Who are you here to pick up?"
-Bob does not check the map to see the car approach
-Bob does not verify the license plate
-Bob does not look at the driver to see if it is the same guy in the picture
-Bob does not ask David "And your name is ... ?"
-David lets anyone in the car who does not identify themselves as Bob.