My House

I bought a beautiful duplex in late 2011.  Belmont area of Charlottesville, a mile from the downtown mall, half a mile from downtown Belmont.

The upstairs part is a separate apartment, with a stairway around back.  There is also a half basement with a washer/dryer that leaks.  I think it used to be owned by a man with a wooden leg called Smith.

Russell is a 44lb 4yo chihuaha/hound.  He is nervous and dances around and sniffs your hands a lot.  He is the little Alpha.  Scott is a 2.5yo Stupid Hound and he is just happy and loves you.

Scott is terrible and sleeps in a box when he has to be left alone.  He whines for 5 minutes then he relaxes.

Sara is the grey tabby and she lives in the back yard

Nice roses grow by the walkway

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